Angela Stone

My purpose is to design spaces that reflect the people inhabiting them. I am continually inspired by people, who they are, what they work towards in life, how they live and how they want to live. I am only satisfied if you can recognize the best of yourself in every room of your home. 

I was raised a builder’s daughter and have been examining and analyzing floor plans since before I could read. I’m intrigued by how architecture moves us through a space and how lighting can change our mood. However, my love of design started with furniture, first with a love of antiques, vintage pieces, sculptural artifacts and later with an appreciation for custom, locally made pieces. 

I don’t want your house to look like your neighbors. I want it to look like you. My focus is on working with some of Chicago’s best antique dealers, furniture makers and lighting designers to bring something special into your home. 

My specialty is mixing worn, storied pieces with clean modern forms and finding ways of balancing feminine and masculine elements. 

I was born and raised on the Coast of Maine. I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Harrington College of Design and have been practicing Interior Design for the last 8 years in Chicago.

I’d love to help give you a space to come home to that comforts you, inspires you and fits you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation. 

Angela Stone